Afghanistan: The New Outsourcing Destination

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In 2001, the Taliban government collapsed and with that started a new chapter in the history of this war-torn country. Since then the country has been going through a rapid transformation. With Billions of dollars poured into to the country for aid, a lot of development happened as a result.  One of those areas that made dramatic change was education and computer education in particular.  With the international troops pulling out in 2014 and the NGOs starting to move out, the funding was also reduced substantially. Afghanistan was left with a big number educated and qualified people without jobs.

PomTech ICT Solutions was founded in 2015 as a company to offer outsourcing IT solutions for international companies and create jobs for the young educated Afghan men and women with good English and computer skills in an effort to create a sustainable source of income for them.

We believe that Afghanistan has great potential for becoming a great outsourcing destination and here are some of the reasons we think why you should choose to outsource to Afghanistan:


The last fifteen years has taught young Afghans that time is the greatest asset and that for Western companies, time equals money. We realize the importance of due dates and make sure we remove obstacles that might come our way beforehand, and also that poor time management can reduce productivity. The projects and task are done with the consideration that time is the greatest asset and timeliness is virtue.


Quality is another issue that is valued. One of the values we live by is that results matter and that we own our work. Outsourcing to Afghanistan, especially to PomTech ICT Solutions will give you that assurance. We communicate our needs and expectations and quality assurance everything, making sure tasks and projects are delivered as expected. We have worked with some international organizations including Globe Runner and IST Research which has been a great experience.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is another reason why you should outsource to Afghanistan. With the funding from the international organizations gone and the number of NGOs decreasing dramatically, we are competing very hard with India, the Philippines and other places in terms of cost. In fact, we are much more cost-effective as the middle class of other countries is already built and that makes us much cheaper in terms of costs.

No Language Barrier

Lack of problems with language is another reason why you should outsource to Afghanistan. Most of the young people here study English at schools, universities and private learning centers. As a result, the percentage of the people with very good English is really high. Another contributor to this factor has been the presence of the international community in Afghanistan. Most of the employees at NGOs and those working with troops had to know English for their jobs. All of our employees and interns are proficient in English.

Strategic Partnership

We consider our clients our strategic partners. We know that doing work for our clients is going to ease their work and buy them time. We try to do everything we can to produce best quality work with international standards. We consider the clients of our clients as our own. With that mindset, we communicate expectations, never let tasks go without quality assurance and double checking everything before handing over. In Afghanistan, you will find long-term strategic partners as Globe Runner and IST Research have found.

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